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The Early Days

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First Railroad --- A Soaring Achievement
Area's First Finnish Homestead
The Logging Era
Short-Lived Summit Station
Pioneer Shopping Center
The Ruikka Store Today
Old Thomson Road
Immigrant, Farmer, Patriarch
Country Kids, Country School
'Your Attention, Please:  Next Stop, Brownell'
Thomson Dam: 'A Great Engineering Feat'
On Their Way to 'Forbay
Redwood Pipelines
A Summer Day at Thomson Dam
Julia Sunnarborg: Caregiver
The Founding of an American Family
Short Line, Short Life
Carnivorous Stump?
A Peaceful Scene --- And a Mystery
Scanlon Bridge: Traffic Change
The River Retains Some Reminders
Harney in its Heyday
House Would Go, Family Would Come Back
Last Class Before the Fire
The 1918 Fire:  Cloquet in Ashes
The 1918 Fire:  Blinded by Smoke
The 1918 Fire:  The Stark Aftermath
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