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Harney in its Heyday

Harney in its Heyday

Thomson Township’s business center—and the community’s name—once seemed destined to become Harney, not Esko. Still known by longtime residents as Harney, and still shown on many maps, the area where the Marks Road meets the Harney Road is now occupied by a couple of houses. The township’s first post office was established there and when the Canadian Northern Railroad (now the Canadian National) built a depot in 1912, it also had plans for a roundhouse, car shops and large rail yard. Instead, according to local historian Arvid Konu, when the U.S. entered World War I, the railroad decided to develop in Duluth. For many years, brothers Ed and Emil Juntti ran a general store in Harney, shown in this photo from 1916 or 1917. Konu, 95, says “if Juntti Brothers didn’t have what you wanted, you probably didn’t need it.” Emil Juntti later acquired a store in “Esko’s Corner” from Alex Esko. (Photo courtesy of Rodney Ikola)   

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