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Esko's First All-Stater

Esko's First All-Stater

Esko’s first all-state football player, Darrell Lassila, strikes a classic midcentury pose in the fall of 1951. Lassila, a 1952 graduate, was the prototypical single wing tailback and, in the vernacular of the day, was a “triple threat,” meaning he excelled as a passer, runner and punter. The Eskomos were undefeated in his junior and senior seasons and, in fact, didn’t lose from the second game of 1948 until the first game of 1952. There were no post-season playoff games in those days, but after being named to the all-state team, Lassila also played halfback in a Minnesota North-South All-Star game following his graduation. (Esko Historical Society photo)

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