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Early Home Delivery Truck

Early Home Delivery Truck

Meadowbrook Dairy began delivering milk in 1919 to a Cloquet grocery store owned by John C. Johnson, son-in-law of dairy founder Joseph Juntunen Sr. In the 1920s, Meadowbrook began making home deliveries, usually by automobile but, when winter roads were impassable, by horse-drawn sleigh. The sleigh had a small cab with a kerosene stove that kept the milk from freezing. The cars and sleigh were later replaced by trucks. One of the first trucks is shown here, driven by Joseph Juntunen’s grandson, Roy Mattson. From 1919 to the mid-1950s, as the dairy expanded in size and service, Meadowbrook’s milk production rose from an average of 145 quarts per day to about 2,000. (Also see photo of Joseph Juntunen Sr. and family on the farm in “The Early Years.”) (Photo courtesy of Dale and Joanne Mattinen) 

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