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Redwood Pipelines

Redwood Pipelines

If one travels to the southern end of Jay Cooke Road, he or she will see three long mounds parallel to the road on the steep hill that descends into Jay Cooke State Park. Under these mounds are huge steel pipes that carry water from the canal reservoir, or forebay, at the top of the hill to the Thomson Hydroelectric Station. From 1906 until 1970, the seven-foot diameter pipes, or penstocks, were made of redwood staves banded by ¾-inch steel rods. The penstocks were under construction in this photo. In the original 5,000-foot-long pipeline, the first 4,000 feet were redwood and the lower 1,000 feet were made of riveted steel. When Minnesota Power replaced the redwood with steel in 1970, the wood was still strong and pliable. Many township residents acquired the redwood for farm and home projects. (Photo courtesy of Carlton County Historical Society) 

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