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Thomson Dam: 'A Great Engineering Feat'

Thomson Dam: 'A Great Engineering Feat'

Still untamed, the St. Louis River tumbles through the partially constructed Thomson Dam prior to its completion in 1907. The dam created Thomson Lake, a reservoir supplying water via a three-mile canal and penstock system to the Thomson Hydroelectric Station, the state’s largest hydro facility. The Duluth Herald may have been premature when it hailed the project "one of the great engineering feats of the 20th century," but it was a monumental achievement for the era. Note, at far right, a corner of the St. Louis River Slate Brick Co., one of the operators of several early slate quarries on the river. (Photo courtesy of Gerard Lawson, Duluth, grandson of James Lawson, Thomson Dam resident engineer from 1902 to 1907)    

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