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A Peaceful Scene --- And a Mystery

A Peaceful Scene --- And a Mystery

The only identification on this photo indicates it was taken in 1912 and the woman holding the puppies is “Liisa of Kalajoki.”  In his “History of the Thomson Farming Area,” written in Finnish in 1935, John A. Mattinen wrote that the Fred Johnson farm was also known as Liisa of Kalajoki’s farm and that Liisa (who died in 1924) was Fred’s mother.  Mattinen also said Liisa’s husband, “Kalle of Kalajoki,” or Charles Johnson, vanished in 1892 after visiting a neighbor’s farm.  He began a three-mile walk home through the woods and “was never seen again, nor were his remains ever found,” Mattinen said, “although the community searched for him en masse.”  (Esko Historical Society photo)   

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