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Immigrant, Farmer, Patriarch

Immigrant, Farmer, Patriarch

Joseph Juntunen Sr. was 21 when he arrived in Duluth from Suomussalmi, Finland, in 1880.  Five years later, he bought 80 acres of what one historian described as “a heap of rocks and brush” on the Midway River.  By 1900, when this photo was taken, Juntunen presided over a rapidly growing farm and family.  By the time of his death in 1946, Meadowbrook Dairy had become one of Carlton County’s premier dairying operations.  The family-owned business would continue to thrive, providing daily service to residential and commercial customers in Esko, Cloquet and Scanlon, but ultimately gave way to large corporations and closed in 1989. Family members shown here are, from left, Joseph Jr., Hjalmer, Edwin, Lydia, Elsa (Mrs. Juntunen), Selma, Ida, Anna, Kate and, in the wagon, Joseph Sr.  (Photo donated to Esko Historical Society by Bernice Juntunen Mattinen)     

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