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House Would Go, Family Would Come Back

House Would Go, Family Would Come Back

A few family photos --- including this one --- were all that Isaac and Olga Hill could save when the 1918 Fire destroyed their home and possessions on west Stark Road. They had built the house in about 1909.  Devastated by the fire, they moved to the East Coast where Olga had relatives, but after a short time they returned and purchased 80 acres on Erkkila Road along with a two-room house built by the Red Cross for fire refugees.  Isaac Hill (originally Mäenpää) came to the U.S. from Finland in 1893 and met Olga Lumppio, a 1901 immigrant, at a Cloquet boarding house where she worked.  They were married in 1903.  Isaac’s brothers, Andrew and Frank, also settled in the township in the early 1900s and all raised families here. (Frank Hill, notably, had 16 children, 11 of whom reached adulthood). (Photo courtesy of Don Pykkonen, grandson of Isaac and Olga Hill and son of Ellen, the little girl held by her mother in the photo)   

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