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Julia Sunnarborg: Caregiver

Julia Sunnarborg: Caregiver

Julia Sunnarborg, right, was 17 and destined to be one of Esko’s most admired residents when this photo was taken alongside the Midway River in 1910.  A large farmhouse on top of the hill rising to the right would be known for decades as “Julia’s Place,” a boarding home for elderly citizens placed there by social service agencies or, sometimes, through Julia’s innate goodwill.  Born Ida Mattinen in Wright, Minn., Julia came to Esko in 1896 after her father died and her mother arranged for her to be raised by Henry and Kaisa Sunnarborg.  She never married, but became a foster parent herself, raising a sister’s daughters, Mary Sampson (now Arntson, of Esko) and Alice (Gillespie, of California). With Julia in the photo are two schoolteachers who resided at the Sunnarborg farm, Eile Butters, left, and Wenonah Hare. (Photo donated to Esko Historical Society by Mary Arntson)

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