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Short-Lived Summit Station

Short-Lived Summit Station

Less than two years old in this 1893 scene, a picturesque windmill and water tank serviced the Duluth & Winnipeg Railroad at a place called Summit Station near today’s Wildwood Drive. Not to be confused with the Duluth, Winnipeg & Pacific (now Canadian National), the D&W primarily carried timber and lumber from west of Cloquet to Duluth from 1891 to 1901. In 1892-93, however, it also was a connecting link for iron ore shipments from the newly opened Mesabi Range to Superior. Remnants of the railroad grade are still evident in many parts of the township. (The book will detail the history of this and three other railroads in the township.) Note the small child at lower right and the man perched on the windmill platform---and click on photo to expand. (Photo courtesy of Jon Severson)   

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