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Scanlon Bridge: Traffic Change

Scanlon Bridge: Traffic Change

The Minnesota & North Wisconsin Railroad Bridge spanning the St. Louis River between Scanlon and Thomson Township was converted to accommodate horses, wagons and pedestrians after the M&NW’s demise in 1913.  The M&NW had been built in 1901 by the Brooks-Scanlon Lumber Company to feed its Scanlon mill with timber from north of Duluth, but a decade later most of the company’s timberlands were used up.  The line ran from the river to today’s Oja Road until ascending northeast, across the Maki and Himango Roads, past the intersection of Canosia and Harney Roads and then towards the North Cloquet Road where it curved slightly to the east on its way to Adolph. (Photo courtesy of Jon Severson and Northeast Minnesota Historical Center)           

Uploaded: Wed Dec 01, 2010 @ 05:46PM by Eva Lisa Nynas


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