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'Your Attention, Please: Next Stop, Brownell'

'Your Attention, Please:  Next Stop, Brownell'

Just off the eastern tail of East Palkie Road is an odd little structure on the Munger Trail that hikers and bikers must wonder about, especially when moments earlier they’ve seen signs announcing the “Brownell Townsite.” The structure, shown here with neighborhood resident Heidi Wendland inside, was an early version of a telephone booth.  It was built by the Northern Pacific Railroad (whose old rail bed is now the foundation of the Munger Trail) for NP employees to call the Duluth terminal, especially when a train was coming down the hill. And the Brownell Townsite? Despite greater expectations, it became little more than a watering station and occasional passenger transit point. Local railroad historian Jon Severson says the site was named in 1905, apparently for a prominent NP investor. It was previously called “Howell Station” for another investor.

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