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Isaac Esko with 1926-27 Band

Isaac Esko with 1926-27 Band

Whether in classroom or in public performance, Esko’s school system is known for excellence in music.  The founder of this long tradition, Isaac Esko, also happened to be a son of the community namesake, Alex Esko.  In this 1927 photo, Isaac Esko is on the left, a step or so behind the second row, wearing a tuxedo and bow tie.  Just why he’s in the photo is not clear --- he graduated from high school in 1923 and didn’t begin his Esko teaching career until the mid-1930s. Prior to teaching, however, he was active as a tenor soloist and may have been serving in that capacity.  Or, perhaps, he was assisting the first band director, L.B. Olson, not shown.  After joining the faculty in about 1935, Isaac Esko taught music and directed the bands and choirs until his death in 1961.  (Note five more Eskos in the 21-piece band: Edward, Lillian and Eleanor were Isaac’s siblings, Walter was his nephew and Edna his niece.)  (Esko Historical Society photo)      

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