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They Made a Difference

They Made a Difference

Businessmen, farmers and longtime friends, Emil Johnson, left, and Charles Nelson were community leaders for decades.  They served together on the school board from the 1920s through 1950; Johnson was usually elected clerk, Nelson treasurer.  They were also directors of the Esko Mutual Insurance Company (organized as the Finnish Local Farmers Mutual Fire Insurance Company in 1911 and now the Woodland Mutual Insurance Company in Carlton).  Johnson in 1935 became president of the Farm Mutual Reinsurance Association, founded in 1931 in Herman, Minn., to help small mutual companies withstand large losses.  In 1949, Johnson relocated the company headquarters to Esko where today, as the RAM Mutual Insurance Company, it is the township’s largest private employer. (Photo courtesy of Anita (Nelson) Anderson and Jody Acers, Cloquet)

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