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The 1970s: A 2010 Rewind

The 1970s: A 2010 Rewind

Errol Joki, a 1977 Esko High School graduate now residing in St. Paul, had an idea:  Given the overlapping relationships between students of different grades, how about inviting all the alumni from 1970 through 1980 for one grand reunion?  The result?  Joki, chairman and principal organizer of the Esko All-70s Reunion, is shown here at the entrance to The Lost Isle near Carlton where on August 14 more than 400 attendees mingled, shared dinner and, one presumes, recalled the good old days.  While the Saturday night event was the prime attraction, various classes held their own mixers throughout the weekend.   

Uploaded: Sat Aug 14, 2010 @ 05:30PM by Eva Lisa Nynas


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