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One-Room Schoolhouse Reunion

One-Room Schoolhouse Reunion

Fifty-five years after attending the Pantsar School, students from 1902 gathered for a reunion in 1957.  The one-room schoolhouse northwest of the Church Road and Harney Road intersection had 37 students in 1902. Nineteen schoolmates and their teacher attended the reunion.  In the front row, from left: Abel Palkie, William Perttula, Ed Kinnunen, Mrs. Luther Hultman (teacher), Emil Juntti, Emil Johnson and Jalmer Johnson.  Second row: Art Johnson, Oscar Pera, Thomas Holm, Ed Juntti, Emil Moe, Jack Holm and Ray Palkie.  Third row: Edgar Olson, Mrs. Anna Jylla (Holm), Mrs. Agnes Gronseth (Tweith), Mrs. Henry Sariin (Pantsar), Mrs. Alice Solberg (Carlson) and Charles Pykkonen.  (Esko Historical Society photo)  

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