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The Changing Picture of Farming

The Changing Picture of Farming

Widdes Feed & Farm Supply west of Esko on Highway 61 was still known as M.J. Widdes, Inc., in the mid-1970s when neighbor Martha Juntunen completed this painting. “We didn’t know she was doing it,” said president Jay Widdes, who at the time was working with his father, Getchell. “She just walked across the road one day and said, ‘Here.’” The painting, now behind Jay’s desk, is reminder of how the community has changed in the past half-century. The cattle trade, started by Lithuanian-born M.J. Widdes after he settled in Duluth in 1910, was discontinued in 1980. The township's once-ubiquitous dairy farms are gone, succeeded by residential developments and horse and hobby farms. And while feed sales and farm supplies are still staples of the family business, the pasture on the right is now the home of Widdes Trailer Sales, run by Jay's son, Josh. 

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