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Pioneering Spirit on a Pioneer Farm

Pioneering Spirit on a Pioneer Farm

On land homesteaded by township pioneer Simeon Palkie in 1873, retired Air Force Colonel Don Solwold today presides over a 100-acre buffalo farm on Church Road.  Solwold, a native of Hawley, Minn., bought the property in 1973, purchased two buffalo the following year and now maintains an annual herd of 50 to 60 head. His Quarter Master Buffalo Farm is believed to be the oldest buffalo operation in Minnesota and Wisconsin.  The house in the background was built in 1930, but Simeon Palkie’s original 1870s house was still standing when Solwold became owner. He salvaged hand-hewn logs from the old building and used them on the east and north walls (seen here) when he remodeled in the 1970s.

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