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Son of Esko Rink at Sun Valley

Son of Esko Rink at Sun Valley

U.S. Figure Skating Association gold medalist, Duluth Ice Follies producer and Canadian provincial team trainer, Esko’s John Hendrickson earned numerous accolades for his skating brilliance before he reached his mid-20s.  In 1959, a year after high school graduation, he was performing at the Sun Valley Ski Resort in Idaho, where he’s shown with his parents, Ruth and John.  (The skater is John C.; his father was John S.)  In his pre-teens, John spent winter nights at the Esko rink, often moving his shoes to a snow bank when the warming house closed so that he could continue.  He trained in Duluth and for nine summers in Rochester, Minn., plus winters in Dallas, Tex., before turning professional in 1961.  Besides performing at various venues, he trained skaters and produced shows in Duluth as well as in Saskatchewan, Alberta and British Columbia before leaving the sport to become a Minneapolis high school teacher.  (Photo courtesy of John Hendrickson, Minneapolis)        

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