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Morning Fix: Coffee & Conversation

Morning Fix: Coffee & Conversation

Through the middle decades of the 20th century, the morning coffee break was a ritual for men who worked and/or lived in Esko’s town center. This gathering in the early 1960s was at the Esko Coffee Shop, roughly a block west of Canosia Road on Highway 61.  It was also known as Nickerson’s Café, after the owners, just as over the years it was also known as Oak’s, Smith’s, Hennum’s, Hill’s and Baski’s. At the counter are, from left, Russell Plaisted, Nels Helberg, Sven Bergstedt and Ray Korby. Standing are Roy Bohren, Floyd Huima, Ken Sunnarborg, Bob Bergstedt, Willie Mattson, Herb Youngren, Duane Arntson and Howard Sunnarborg. Prior to becoming a café, the building had been Ed Oak’s Blacksmith Shop.  In more recent years, it was used by dentist Rod Sandelin and then Caywood Oil. The front is now vacant; an apartment in back is occupied. (Photo courtesy of Christine Nickerson)

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