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If You Played, He Was There

If You Played, He Was There

Not only has Esko been blessed with outstanding athletes, its teams have enjoyed great community support.  It’s doubtful anyone has seen more local basketball games than Louis Fredrickson, lower right, who says he attended his first game “not long after I learned how to walk.”  Born in 1916, Louis and his wife, Evelyn, were courtside fixtures for generations of players.  Now residing in an assisted living facility, the Fredricksons no longer drive, but on this March 2011 night, Dale and Joanne Mattinen --- themselves loyal Esko fans and parents of three daughters who played in the 1980s --- provided Louis with transportation to and from a boys’ game. He was welcomed by some of the players he used to watch: Dick Duzan, left, Class of 1951, and seated behind, from left, Dan Belden, Class of 1987; Todd Rengo, Class of 1988; and Tom Pantsar, Class of 1986.  

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