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Esko's 'Gray Ladies'

Esko's 'Gray Ladies'

Among the unsung heroes of World War II were the American Red Cross volunteers who contributed countless hours “providing assistance to men and women of the armed forces and to their families at home.” The Carlton County Red Cross Chapter’s 1943-44 annual report said 325 county women worked as “Gray Ladies” in the Volunteer Special Services section, “producing surgical dressings, knitted articles and kit bags.” These Esko volunteers were among six Gray Ladies units organized in the county (the others were in Cloquet, Carlton, Mahtowa, Barnum and Moose Lake). The annual report said the county’s Gray Ladies made more than 220,000 surgical dressings between July 1, 1943, and June 30, 1944.  (Photo courtesy of Donald W. Pykkonen)     

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