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Heading Home for Milking Time

Heading Home for Milking Time

On a May afternoon in 1948, Art Pykkonen --- with faithful Fido hugging his heels --- heads home on Harney Road with a small herd of cows. The cows had spent the day pastured on land separated from the 120-acre family farm (upper right). The farm, west of the Canosia Road, was developed by Art’s Finnish immigrant parents, Matt and Olga (Vaara) Pykkonen after they settled in Thomson Township in the early 1890s. Art and his brother Emil succeeded their parents in running the farm until they sold it in 1972 to a niece, Mary Ann Tatro, and her husband, Clarence. Another Pykkonen brother, Charles, also worked on the farm until, at 33, he married Ellen Hill in 1927.  The old Thomson Town Hall stands in the distance to the right, or south, of the road.  (Photo courtesy of Donald W. Pykkonen) 

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