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Finlandia Leader Comes to Town

Finlandia Leader Comes to Town

Anita Smiley, third from left, president of the Finlandia Foundation National, was welcomed to the Esko Historical Society Museum in October 2010.  Ms. Smiley, of Preston, Conn., toured the museum buildings and also met with representatives of the book project steering committee. The foundation earlier in the year awarded the society a significant grant for the book project. From left are Ken Nynas, historical society president; Richard Anderson; Ms. Smiley; Mary Ann Lipponen; Kali Lipponen; Pauline (Mrs. Norman) Ikola; Elaine Lindell; Rodney Ikola; Andrew Koski, Frank Liupakka and Davis Helberg, book project chairman. (For more photos of Ms. Smiley’s visit, see Esko Historical Museum album.) 

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