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Pioneers of the Hard Court

Pioneers of the Hard Court

The game of basketball, invented in 1891, was in its formative years when this photo was taken of the 1923 Lincoln High School team. The school was also new (it opened in 1920-21) and games were played in a gym still only partially completed. A.L. Winterquist, the superintendent and first coach, later recalled how "we went to games at Cromwell, Barnum and Moose Lake in the old Model T Ford truck. Sometimes we were sick from carbon monoxide and sometimes we were stuck in snowdrifts." In front row, from left, are Edwin Frederickson, Nestor Lahti and Charles Mannila. Back row, from left, Winterquist, William Sarkela, Otto Korby, Karjalainen (first name unknown), James Harney and John S. Hendrickson. (Photo courtesy of John C. Hendrickson) 

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