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Esko, East Side—Early ‘40s

Esko, East Side—Early ‘40s

Until the coming of I-35 in the mid-1970s, north-south travelers passed through “downtown” Esko on their way to or from Duluth. Today’s County Highway 61 was then U.S. 61 and, until widened to four lanes in 1948-49, it was a two-lane highway. In this early-1940s view from the school, the house and barn in center were owned by Joe Davidson, who later conveyed the property to the school. Barely visible behind Davidson’s house is the roof of Smith’s Hatchery, where A.D. Smith provided “custom hatching,” sold eggs, and raised and sold chickens, turkeys and ducks. At extreme left is one of two teacherages, or teachers’ residences. The garage-like structure at right is a school storage facility.  In the distance, the closest buildings are Kinnunen Lumber Company and Ed Kinnunen’s house. (Esko Historical Society photo, believed to have been taken by Andrew Kinnunen)    

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