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Lincoln's Lost Log

Lincoln's Lost Log

For more than a half-century, the high school yearbook was known as “The Lincoln Log”. The first yearbook was “The Echo,” published in 1928. It was followed in 1930 by the first Lincoln Log, so named, of course, to link it with Lincoln High School. It next came out in 1934 and was published biennially through 1952, then annually through 1987. In its final years, different theme names appeared on the cover, but the spine and inside title page continued to read “The Lincoln Log”. In 1988, the theme was “Dare To Be Different”—and it was: “The Lincoln Log” had disappeared and the spine read “Esko High School, Volume 52.” From that point onward, yearbooks have had names as selected by the student editors. Traditionalists may have objected to the 1988 change, but by then more than a generation of students had graduated from Esko High School, not Lincoln.    

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