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Thank You

The Community Made It Happen

This long-awaited book became a reality because of the generous financial support of nearly 300 individuals, businesses and organizations as well as through the enthusiastic participation of past and present community residents in the information-gathering process.

A 2009 fundraising campaign, followed by a steady flow of donations right up to the day the book went to the printers, generated more than $35,000, a sum far in excess of the original goal. As a direct result, the book was produced in hardcover, with a dust jacket, on high-quality paper, and the price was set at a relatively low $25.

The Esko Historical Society and the book committee are especially grateful to the Finlandia Foundation National, whose $1,500 grant kicked off the fundraising campaign, and to the fundraising committee, whose members were the late Jack Bergstedt and Pete Radosevich (the co-chairs) and the late Lyle Colberg, the late Davis Helberg, Frank Liupakka, Florence Maki, Lynda Korby Nordstrom, Phill Powers, Verna Puline, Don W. Pykkonen and the late Arvid Konu.

All donor names and memorials appear in the book. Unfortunately, however, some donations were received after the book was sent to the printer; those individuals were offered refunds, but they chose to apply the money toward book purchases.

We are also thankful to the scores of people who agreed to interviews, or provided answers to specific questions, or donated photos, scrapbooks, journals and other helpful documents and information. We are in the process of returning all loaned materials to the owners.

And now that the book is in print, the committee has been further rewarded by the heartwarming comments of area readers and former residents in other parts of the nation.

From the outset, those of us who invested our time in this project believed we were compiling the history of a truly special place. The community’s wholehearted support confirmed it.

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