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Township, has been established at $25.

Books of this quality and size generally cost $40 or more, but the Esko Historical Society concluded that in view of the strong donor support, the community has already paid for a significant share of its publication costs. By keeping the price low, the society hopes more current and former township residents and others will learn about the community’s rich heritage. The price of Esko’s Corner, An Illustrated History of Esko and Thomson

To order by mail and pay by check, simply print and complete the form below and send to Esko Historical Society, P.O. Box 83, Esko, MN 55733. (For overseas orders, please e-mail eskohistory@centurylink.net in advance to get shipping cost.)  If you have questions, please call 218-590-4570.


Please mail Esko’s Corner, An Illustrated History of Esko and Thomson Township, to







Phone__________________ Email ______________________

Quantity: One____ Two____ Three or More (Specify) ____

One book: $25 plus $10 for shipping.  Esko Historical Society pays the tax.

Two or more books: $25 per book plus all-inclusive rate of $20 for shipping.

Quantity    Book    Shipping    Total
One book    $25    $10    $35
Two books    $50    $20    $70
Three books    $75    $20    $95
Four books    $100    $20    $120
Five books    $125    $20    $145

My check for $_______is enclosed.

PRINT: Esko's Corner Order Form

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